Monday, June 04, 2007

Not Quite Spanglish, Part 2

Since I moved to Santa Fe, I've been observing interesting combinations of Spanish and English (or Spanish and something else, or just multilingual juxtapositions that are interesting). I covered a previous set of these earlier in this blog (Not Quite Spanglish, Part One). Here are a few more observed in the past few months.

Sign at McDonald's: Happy Meal con Hamburguesa

Sign at an auto dealership (near tax time): Nosotros financiamos, use your tax refund

Described in a lecture: The use of the adjective estresado (not in my Spanish dictionary) to describe a feeling of being stressed out in a particularly American way

In the Santa Fe New Mexican:
• Editorial on foreign languages in high school: "School districts would have to offer two years of a foreign language--but, desgraciadamente, it wouldn't be required for graduation."
• Title of an editorial on the pilgrimage to the Santuaria de ChimayĆ³ before Easter: "From far and near come peregrinos; walkers, drivers: caution."

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