Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Santa Fe Municipal Airport

American Eagle plane in Santa Fe
When I first moved to Santa Fe, a couple of commercial flights were available from Santa Fe to Denver, but those were eventually discontinued. In June 2009, American Eagle instituted three flights a day--one to Los Angeles and two to Dallas. When a third flight to/from Dallas was added in February of this year, it became possible for eastbound passengers to make connections to and from Dallas, and I decided to give it a try.

Gate at Santa Fe Municipal Airport
The Santa Fe Municipal Airport is a charming step back in time. It was designed by noted Santa Fe architect John Gaw Meem, and constructed in 1957, in the southwest corner of the city. Its interior is full of southwestern accents.

Interior of terminal Santa Fe Municipal Airport
It has one counter, one security line, one restaurant (The Airport Grille), one waiting room, and one gate. Parking involves writing a check for $3 a day for the duration of your trip and sticking it in an envelope in a box inside the terminal. "The Eagle has landed" heralds the arrival of the plane, and the gate agent greets arriving customers with a cheerful "Welcome to Santa Fe!"

Exiting the plane at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport
Unfortunately, my travel experience was less than optimal due to weather-related interruptions at both ends (which caused me to miss my connection in Dallas and rerouted our return flight to Albuquerque due to wind, snow, and ice at the SF airport). But I am giving it another chance in May. It's so convenient--a 15 minute drive and no shuttle buses to the terminal required!

Santa Fe Municipal Airport
Photo Credits

The photograph of the terminal interior comes from the Veritas et Venustas blog by architect, urbanist, and author John Massengale. All other photos by Catherine Hurst.


Randy said...

This is one part of town I have yet to go to. Nice post Kate!

Kate said...

It reminds me of the small towns served by feeder airlines in the '60's and '70's. Great adobe architecture that's compatible with the entire town!

SantaFeKate said...

Randy--I had never been there either until I took my first flight. Quite an architectural discovery! Kate--I agree--it's very much a throwback to an earlier time....