Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leaving Santa Fe

Last month I left Santa Fe and moved to Providence, Rhode Island. I'd spent almost five years in Santa Fe and loved a lot about the city--there were other things I liked less.  I loved the mountains and the sunsets and my friends in Santa Fe; the state government, the lack of customer service attitude, the problems with the educational system, the drought and thunderstorms--not so much.

A variety of reasons coalesced to persuade me to move back East--among them the fact that I turn out to be a city gal at heart.  I didn't think I missed the green and the ocean until I got back here and realized how much.  And there's an East Coast attitude that it's hard to define but, as Justice Potter Stewart famously said about pornography in 1964, "I know it when I see it."  In addition, I'm working on a book about Boston in 1905--you can read about my observations on that year in my Boston 1905 blog. You can find the link on the upper right of this page, along with a link to my new Providence blog.

Thanks for being my readers!!!


Kate said...

Sorry to see you leave, Kate, but I understand the need to make changes. Fortunately, I can still visit frequently since I haven't gotten Santa Fe out of my system yet. Looking forward to seeing a Boston blog from you! Best of luck to you!

PS. Going back again on August 18 through September 8 and am anxious to experience another Indian Market.

Barbara said...

Kate - I've been following your Santa Fe adventures for several years, with a lot of prior history in common. I grew up in Massachusetts, where my dad was a Physics prof at WPI. I've been in San Diego for 35 years, but am moving to Santa Fe this fall. It will be interesting to see what the future brings!

SantaFeKate said...

How interesting Barbara! It's like the balance of trade--somebody leaves SF and somebody else arrives! Hope you enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I believe we met at Soma in Albuquerque before you left for RI. I had overheard you mention you were moving to the saleslady and i approached you outside the store. Does that sound familiar?
I ran across your blog today as I am looking for SF blogs. Hope you survived Irene. Any 2nd thoughts?
I am originally from RI and actually am thinking about moving from Abq to Santa Fe. We would like to eventually do a house trade with some people in RI for a summer sometime. We are just starting to look at houses in SF. We are also looking at land to possibly build in SF. Any realtor suggestions?
Thx, hope I have the right person.

SantaFeKate said...

Sharon--what a small world! Yes, I'm the interesting that you found my blog (it does tend to rise pretty high up in the search engines). I was very happy with my RE agent--Lauren Sato at Barker Realty. 1-505-629-8779. I loved Santa Fe--though it is more expensive than ABQ (but not as expensive as Providence)! Best of luck in your search!

hazel Jarvis said...

So sorry you left Santa Fe as I have been reading your blog as research for our upcoming trip and it's easily the most interesting one around.....Hope RI is everybody as good and thank you for all the information Hazel

SantaFeKate said...

Hazel--you're welcome. So glad you've enjoyed my blog! It still gets an amazing amount of readership. Yes, RI is great, but I do try to get back to SF once a year!!

separatechecks said...

You know I just saw this blog and saw that you are writing a book about Boston in 1905. I myself just moved back to my New England roots after living in CA for over 40 years and am now in Warwick Neck, RI. My great, great Aunt lived with Sarah Choate Sears in her house at Arlington St and Comm Ave and also at her farm in Southborough, MA from the late 1800's until the late 1920's or early 30's when she started to spend more time in Maine. I don't have too many stories about her as my relatives are all deceased but I know that she and her husband ran her households as a Head Housekeeper/Cook and Butler/Chauffeur/Handy Man...apparently they adored her and were quite loyal through her many trials.
K Paul Gallant

SantaFeKate said...

That's so interesting, Paul! I assume you saw my post on Sarah Choate Sears on my 1905 blog. Unfortunately I am no longer working on the book, and have been lazy about the blogs--maybe staying in during the next weeks because of coronavirus will prompt me to do a few posts!