Monday, January 24, 2011

A Plethora of Chile

If you go into a grocery store in some other part of the country, you'll see a few linear feet of shelf space in the "ethnic foods" aisle dedicated to Hispanic foods.  A few kinds of chiles, salsa, taco shells, etc.  In the big chain groceries in Santa Fe, there is typically an entire aisle dedicated to Hispanic foods.  Of course, this ends up taking the space of other products--so there is usually a much smaller selection of canned mushrooms, chutney, water chestnuts, etc.

The Hispanic food aisle in the Santa Fe Albertson's makes me feel like Robin Williams in Moscow on the Hudson, where the Russian immigrant he plays faints in the coffee aisle--overcome by the sight and smell of so many different kinds of coffee.  No fainting here--but an overwhelming set of choices!!