Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who Are You, Dear Readers?

January CandlesIn the two and a half years I've been writing this blog, I've seen a steady growth in readership and page views. During the past six months, I've averaged a little over 600 readers per month. SIte traffic in 2008 was more than twice what it was in 2007, and 2009 is showing further growth.

So where do you come from and what are you looking for here?

Well, 89% of my visitors are from the United States, but in the last thirty days I've also had multiple readers from the UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Turkey.

Of the US visitors, 27% of them live in New Mexico (probably not surprising!). 13% are in California, 7% in Texas, 5% in New York, and 4% in Massachusetts. In the last 30 days, I've had viewers from 40 states--the only states not to find me in that period were Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, Illinois, West Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire.

83% of you visited for the first time in the last 30 days, while the remaining 17% were repeat viewers. (Welcome back to you!)

Many of you have this site bookmarked, or find it through links, but those of you who used search keywords to find it were looking for information on various Santa Fe topics. The top 11 keywords used in the last 30 days included:

Santa Fe blog (31)
Santa Fe 400 anniversary (29)
Acoma Pueblo (18)
Whole Foods/Wild Oats in Santa Fe (15)
Living in Santa Fe (12)
Madrid Chile Festival (12--and this is for an event that doesn't exist except in the movie Wild Hogs!)
Allan Houser (11)
College of Santa Fe (11)
Aspen Vista Trail (11)
Kevin Costner/Swing Vote movie (10)
Governor Lew Wallace (9)

So thanks for visiting, keep reading, and let me know what other Santa Fe topics you'd like to see explored here!

Illustration Credits

The photograph above is of a January seasonal display on the table in my foyer (taken by my brother).


San said...

Hi there. I came over from Todd's blog, intrigued by your blog title. I chose Santa Fe in 1993.

SantaFeKate said...

San--thanks for reading and for your comment. I went over and checked out your blog which I liked very much--especially the letter to your 13-year old self. Are you by any chance familiar with the country song--"If I could write a letter to me (myself at 17)?"

Rosalie said...

I found your blog through Randy's SF Daily Photo. I'm a NM native (born in Las Vegas), grew up in CA and now live in NC. I get homesick for NM and love to see what's going in on. I also have a brother in MA. Thanks for posting photos of the state I love!

SantaFeKate said...

Rosalie--thanks for your comments. Interesting that we both have brothers in MA! Hope you continue to enjoy reading--I promise to post more often now that a very busy winter is winding down....

Fiona Leonard said...

Chalk another one up for Santa Fe 400! I'm currently traveling around the US for a year (from Australia) with my husband, daughter and dog (!). We've just spent a wonderful two weeks and are currently plotting our return.

I'm in the process of doing some research for an article on Santa Fe to follow on from one I had great fun writing on chiles.

SantaFeKate said...

Welcome aboard Fiona! Santa Fe is an amazing place and I'm glad you found us. Is your year of travel all about travel writing? Are you home-schooling your daughter (or is she old enough not to need school)? Sounds fascinating! My parents took our family to Germany for a year the year after I graduated from high school and it was an incredible experience for me.

Glacier Brewing Company said...

Hi! I lurk in the background and read your interesting posts from Montana. I found your blog originally from a search for your Dad, saw your brothers post and then found your blog! your dad and my dad are cousins, both of the same first name. Your writings are so interesting.. keep it up!

SantaFeKate said...

Christine--thanks for your nice comments and it was great to hear from you! Who's your Daddy?!? Let me know at catherine dot hurst at comcast dot net.