Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Advocacy for College of Santa Fe

College of Santa Fe Pirate KingToday was "Advocacy Day" at the New Mexico state house (aka "The Roundhouse") and various groups set up tables, signage, slides, videos, press conferences, etc. in an attempt to advocate with the legislators in support of their various causes.

Students, faculty, and staff from The College of Santa Fe (CSF) were there in droves in an attempt to save their school, which has been hard hit by the economic downturn. New Mexico Highlands University (a state university) is willing to take over the school which can no longer afford to operate on its own. A bill has been submitted in the legislature to permit this to happen, and the college community has its collective fingers crossed. Without a state bailout, the school will be forced to close at the end of the current academic year.

College of Santa Fe Dr. NakamuraCSF is primarily an art school--a perfect fit for an art city like Santa Fe. Degree programs in film, theatre, art, music, photography, and creative writing have enrolled enormously talented students. The students in these photos are junior and senior majors in the Performing Arts Department, dressed in costumes they wore in recent productions. It's worth noting that costume design students at the college sew all the costumes in the Performing Arts costume shop.

If you have an "in" with a New Mexico legislator, they ask you to support their cause.

New Mexico State Capitol

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Amanda said...

Not just costume design majors, but all students in the PAD work in the shops! I'm an actor and I spend 11 hours a week in the costume shop.