Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Butterfly on Canyon Road

Butterfly, Canyon Road GalleryYesterday, Peggy, Ralph, and I went up to Canyon Road to explore a few art galleries and have lunch at The Compound. So many of the galleries have beautiful gardens--some in front where they are visible from the street, some in back--little hidden gems.

Patricia Carlisle Fine Art has both--a series of little gardens in the back with sculptures and fountains, and a lush fragrant garden in the front. On my way out, I stopped to admire this beautiful butterfly; as I watched, it folded itself up tight and went about half-way down into a day lily to take its fill of nectar.

The Gallery was just finishing mounting a fun display of art by Melinda Hall. Click here to see the artworks.


Kate said...

Wonderful photo. What camera do you use? The snap is clear and sharp.

SantaFeKate said...

I use a Canon PowerShot A540--nothing fancy! But I edit all my blog photos (and any photos that I get printed) with iPhoto on the Mac--which is fast, easy to use, and produces great results!