Thursday, September 20, 2007

Confusing Signage, Part 1

On a recent trip to Colorado, I spent a night in Salida, a lovely little mountain town. It's a popular rafting destination on the banks of the Arkansas River, and has a great "Old Town" section with a number of antique stores that stock depression glass and Victorian items--my specific areas of interest. (I even bought a pink depression glass two-handled plate--a rarity for me to find pieces I want for my collection in this part of the country.)

There is a park along the river where the following signage was posted:

As you can clearly see, the big sign in the center says NO DOGS ALLOWED. The small sign to the right says: "Dogs Must be Leashed on Riverside Park Trail." The small installation to the left is a dispenser of dog poop bags and an encouraging sign about their use.

Serious mixed signals!

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