Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder

Last evening, just before twilight, it was doing what it is often doing this time of the year in the late afternoon--thundering and lightening. We had only a brief spit of rain here, but I could see it raining in the northeast mountains, while the sinking sun shone fiercely in the west. I was on my out, drove around the corner to pick up my mail, turned back to head out to the main street, and saw the most incredible double rainbow I have EVER seen--one perfect arc stretching from the horizon across a vast piece of dark sky with every color in the spectrum clearly differentiated. The shadow arc was softer, dreamier, but no less beautiful. By the time I got home and got my camera, the brightest arc had also started to mist over, but I did catch this picture taken from my front yard.

I brought my camera with me to the movies, and walked around the parking lot for a while, but while it continued to rain in the mountains and shine in the west, there was nothing left but a brief suggestion of color.

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