Thursday, March 29, 2007

R2-D2 on the Plaza

Last week the US Postal Service unveiled mailboxes across the country "wrapped" to look like R2-D2. Here's the one on the corner of Lincoln and Palace, right by the Plaza.

It's part of a promotion that involves the issuing of stamps featuring characters from all six Star Wars movies, and commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first film. The stamps are the new $.41 ones--so use up those old $.39ers now!

Click here to find the R2-D2 mailbox nearest you.

Click here to read more about the promotion.

Interestingly enough, Santa Fe has very few mailboxes (I basically had given up looking for them and just go to the Pacheco Street Post Office which has nice drive-by mailboxes)--so this really makes a splash here. Santa Fe Postmaster Ruben Romero says that one of the reasons R2-D2 is a good fit with the Postal Service is because the droid "embodies the trust and dependability for which the Postal Service is so renowned."

You might find Santa Feans who would take issue with that....

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