Sunday, February 04, 2007

Official State Neckwear of New Mexico

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You'll be pleased to hear that one of the bills being voted on in the New Mexico state legislature this session is HB 115, which proposes to make the bolo the official state tie or neckwear of New Mexico. The House passed the bill unanimously on January 31st, and the Senate Rules Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on February 2 on an identical bill (SB 19).

New Mexico named the bolo its official state neckwear in a non-binding memorial in 1987. If the bills become law this session, the bolo will be listed in the same section of state law that includes the official state bird, animal, reptile, butterfly, cookie, and song(s).

Interestingly enough, the "coat and tie" expectations in the New Mexico legislature allow Senators to wear the bolo to work, but not members of the House.

I look forward to other states stepping up to the plate here to claim the bow tie, the cravat, the Hermes scarf, the four-in-hand, or the double strand of pearls as their official state neckwear. Any takers?

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