Monday, January 01, 2007

The 1st of January

Lots to talk about this post--we are just recovering from a record-setting snowfall in Santa Fe--25 inches between Thursday afternoon and Saturday evening. The state highways (north/south and east/west) were all closed, and life pretty much ground to a standstill. I went out Thursday morning to do some errands before the storm hit, and then did not leave here again until yesterday (Sunday) afternoon when I was finally able to get out and buy food and gas.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so I also took a walk through my neighborhood to get some pictures. The first two are of my house. It's hard to see in the closeup of the parapet but the snow is actually steaming! It was tough to get a good shot because a couple of clouds are distracting your eye, but look for the up and down trails of vapor. I've never seen this before--but the sun gets hot enough that it just sucks the snow into the air.

Below you'll see my (unplowed and apparently never to be plowed) street, my trail of footprints to the mailbox to check my mail (none since Thursday), and a couple of local color shots including a closeup of a canale with icicles hanging off. (I knocked off all mine yesterday and they are this size again!) And of course the fabulous blue skies of northern New Mexico--back again after a short hiatus!

Later this week I'll talk about the difference between 25 inches of snow in Santa Fe and 25 inches in Boston.

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